PechaKucha Pow Wow 2015

March 20-22

Check out some awesome photos from the very first PechaKucha Pow Wow!

For those early birds who arrived the day before the Pow Wow we all got together on the rooftop bar of the Andaz Hotel, 52 floors above Tokyo with a great view of Tokyo Tower - even through the unseasonal mist!


Day 1

The Pow Wow began where it all began, the birthplace of PechaKucha: SuperDeluxe. Astrid and Mark kicked-off the proceedings with a big welcome, plotted the history of PechaKucha, and gave a bit of a "State of the Union". Jean and Johnny chaired the next session on how PechaKucha HQ is run, organised, and how they keep in touch with all of you on a daily basis. There was a great discussion on what we do and and how we could improve our communications!


We concluded the Day One sessions at around 5pm with a group photo, and everyone took a 3-hour break to refresh before we gathered again for a very special Pow Wow edition of PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 123 where as it always been held: in SuperDeluxe.

So it was back to SuperDeluxe for Tokyo’s 123 PechaKucha Night - for the Pow Wow Special, with all the presenters being City Organisers from around the world. It was a busy night with over 350 people in attendance! It was a great night -- selfie stick and all. Seeing all these amazing PechaKucha City presentations from all around the world we realised that every city needs to make a presentation about their city!

What can we say, the energy in SuperDeluxe was amazing!


Day 2



A day of thinking, planning, and talking sure made everyone hungry! The restaurant on which Kill Bill's famous fight-scene was based was the only place that made sense for us after concluding our two-day meet. Many of our Tokyo PechaKucha Night volunteer team joined us for dinner bring the lively crowd to over 50 people!

Photo 2015-03-21 20 41 12.jpg

Day 3

Spring was in the air the sun came out and the first few cherry blossom buds burst into flower! Gathering in one of Tokyo's most beautiful parks to spend the day recovering after all that we accomplished was just fantastic. Many even timed their trips so they could stay on a few more days and see the cherry blossoms in full bloom!

Photo 2015-03-22 16 16 55.jpg